Why Choose Us?

Locally owned and operated

All our staff are Ugandan and their local knowledge is second to none! Learn, laugh, smile and enjoy your time on safari with us.

Explore amazing Uganda

Containing half the population of mountain gorillas in the world and 11% of the bird population – Uganda is the ideal safari location!

Group and custom safaris

Along with a great selection of group safaris, we also offer private and fully customizable tours.

Get Out Into The Wild!


No matter how many pictures you have seen or what expectations you have, the very first moment you see the animals in the wild will be unforgettable. Search the jungle for gorillas, scour the vast Ugandan plains for the tree climbing lions or visit one of the ‘best wilderness parks in the world‘. If you can’t decide, customize a safari to your needs and choose exactly what you want to see!

Browse through our selection of group based tours and see the wonderful things we have to offer.

Private and Fully Customizable

Uganda is a small country that packs an unforgettable punch. Boasting a variety of landscapes, an amazing array of wildlife and warm, welcoming locals, it’s no wonder the country receives nearly 2 million tourists a year. Choose our private safari option and start building your safari experience today! Our friendly staff will guide you from the moment we make contact and answer any questions you may have. Click the image below to find out more.

Who Are We?


Nile Basin Safari is a locally owned and operated company and we see tourism as an important contribution to the economies of the nations we work in. Our vision was born from the desire to share the Nile Basin region with the rest of the world, while adding our signature touch of luxury.

Uganda Up Close and Personal!


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