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Kampala Uganda Weather

kampala skyline


Rapidly growing, active, and cosmopolitan, Kampala (“hill of impalas”) is more than Uganda’s capital city, it is the unrivalled cultural and economic center of Uganda. Kampala is located at Latitudes  0.347596, and Longitude 32.582520, with the city’s temperatures and weather moderated by the nearby Lake Victoria.

Thanks to Kampala’s location in the Lake Victoria climatic region of Uganda and its elevation of 4000 feet (1200 meters), the city enjoys a year round moderate climate. Kampala, the capital city of Uganda, has no weather extremes so visitors to the city enjoy pleasant, mild climate. Due to its close proximity to the equator daily temperature variations in the Kampala city are about 12 degrees Fahrenheit. It is usually hot during the day but cool and agreeable during the night. The  capital city has two major weather seasons; the dry season and the rainy season.

Kampala Uganda sunset
Kampala sunset silhouette


Kampala Dry Season

There are two major dry seasons in Kampala though rain can fall in every month. The first dry season is from December to February and from June to July with the June to July season being considerably drier. January and February months see the most sunshine in Kampala.

Kampala Rainy Season

Kampala city just like most of the rest of the country enjoys an abundant supply of rainfall so visitors should expect rain to fall every month of the year in the city, even though Kampala has two distinct rainy seasons. In theory, the first one is between the months of March and May; this is the major rainy season. April is usually the peak of the first rainy season and also the wettest month of the year. The other rainy period occurs from late September to November, which is also the ‘shorter’ rainy season. During these rainy months, the skies are often overcast so you might need to carry an umbrella to avoid getting soaked. Kampala receives rainfall totals between 60 to 70 inches and that occurs between 160 and 170 days per year.

When to Go to Kampala

Kampala city and the region can be visited all year round though, June to September and December to February generally have less rain and there is more sun in these months.

What to Pack for Kampala

When visiting Kampala be sure to pack sun screen regardless of the season because the tropical sun rays can still penetrate the skin even on cloudy days. If visiting in the rainy season, then pack an umbrella and closed shoes, especially if you plan on walking through the city for extended periods.
Even though the sun is fairy strong in the middle of the day, typical European spring and summer season clothes can be worn all year round in the city. Please, don’t forget the sunglasses to protect your eyes from the strong tropical sun rays. They also look good in your travel photos.

Here is the link to: Kampala Uganda Weather – Five Day Forecast

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