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Katara Lodge

katara lodge

Katara Lodge is perched on the escapement of the Western Arm of the Great Rift Valley just outside Queen Elizabeth National Park (QENP).

Heavenly is a fair description. It is an elegant place to experience Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park.
With 12 grass thatched cottages featuring beautiful panoramic views of Queen Elizabeth National Park, the Rwenzori Mountain Range, Lake George, and Lake Edward plus the Kazinga Channel between them, Katara lodge embodies the notion of lavishness.

Each one of these snug romantic cottages come with private balconies offering breathtaking wonderful views of the Park valley – you will likely see elephants moving through the park from these balconies.
Some of the cottages have roll out star beds that can be dragged out onto the deck for clients who wish to sleep outside under the stars. The views from these star beds on each balcony feel remote enough for they are down right solitary.

Inside one of the cottages

The lodge promotes sustainable tourism with minimal environmental impact. Management was careful to preserve some of the indigenous trees like fig trees which attract lots of vervet monkeys to the property. From time to time troops of monkeys visit the figs about the property, but usually make off before you get a chance to photograph them.
The cliffside pool overlooking the park’s valley is just a short walk away from the cottages.


You can charter one of the lodges 4×4 safari cruisers¬† and go for game drives inside Queen Elizabeth National Park and other areas round the lodge.


During the peak tourism season in Uganda, you may have to book far in advance for one of these cozy cottages at this lodge for it is in great demand.

If you are in search of a restorative private lodge in Uganda to escape to, then your search ends on Katara lodge.

Plan your safari to Uganda with us.

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