Lake Bunyonyi Rock Resort – Our Experience

Lake Bunyonyi Rock Resort

We had been told about Lake Bunyonyi Rock Resort before so we were looking forward keenly to checking out the place. Lake Bunyonyi Rock Resort is located at the very end of Lake Bunyonyi, one of Africa’s most beautiful lakes.


On arrival at the gate we were greeted with enthusiasm by the proprietor Robert Basiima, who at once sent for the manager to show us around. The resort was constructed over rocks at the shores of Lake Bunyonyi. The manager led us through the restaurant which had a few foreign tourists enjoying the beautiful views of Lake Bunyonyi.


Lake Bunyonyi

From the restaurant, we were led to the wooden pier which had two small boats. Here, I saw what is probably the most interesting feature of the resort,  a very beautiful crater lake called Lake Bunyonyi. The Rukiga word Bunyonyi means ‘birds’ or ‘Lake of many birds’ and over 200 bird species have been recorded in the area. The lake was formed when a flow of molten lava blocked the exit of a valley river such that water filled the blocked valley and the other smaller valleys leading in on either side. The lake has 29 islands which are formed by the tops of the submerged hills. The most famous of these is the punishment island which less than 100 years ago was where pregnant unmarried girls were sent to die from starvation because they were no longer viewed as potential wives. Their respective families felt that the loss of future dowry rendered the girls worthless to them. Poor men who couldn’t afford dowry could come to the island to pick some of these girls for marriage. The Church Missionary Society supported a large community of lepers on the largest island when leprosy was common occurrence in  the area. The island was probably chosen because of its isolation from the rest of the mainland, hence protecting the general population from the lepers.


Us who wanted images to use later in our tourism marketing literature, quickly pulled out our cameras and started taking photos of the lake and the lodge. A few otters were elegantly swimming about close to the shore; clearly on crayfish hunting duty which here forms a major part of their diet. Because the lake has no crocodiles or bilhazia, it is safe to swim in it. For a moment, we wondered what our clients would think of this place. Would they fall in love with it just as we did? We think they would be happy.

Lake Bunyonyi
Sunset views of Lake Bunyonyi from one of the rooms. Lake Bunyonyi’s beauty is bound to impress even the most casual of visitors. Lake Bunyonyi means the ‘ Lake of many Birds’.

In the meantime, the manager suggested that we check out the rooms. Following his lead, we climbed up to one of the rooms. No words can describe the lake views from the rooms because there is nothing to obstruct this view of the lake. Far off on the lake we could see some local lake dwellers romantically paddling in their small dug-out canoes. Tourists to the lake love the experience of riding in some of them.


If you haven’t seen Lake Bunyonyi, you haven’t seen Uganda. It is one of the most amazing sights in the country.

To our lasting regret, we had to leave the place in order to head back to Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. The resort had become a part of us and we hadn’t any desire to leave it so soon.

Come see this place for yourself on your next safari with us! Especially the lake! If you would like this lake and or lodge to be included in your Uganda safari itinerary, notify our safari bookings team and they will assist you.


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