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Top Tourist attractions in Entebbe

Entebbe Botanical Gardens

Looking to explore Entebbe Town in a interesting way? Why not use our list of attractions in Entebbe to plan your time – there is plenty to see and experience in Entebbe.

Entebbe is a beautiful garden township on the northern shores of Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest lake. The town is rich in history and heritage, not to mention beautiful. It has a wonderful sprawl of hotels and old world bungalow houses which tell of its colonial heritage. Most of its houses are complemented by well-manicured garden compounds. It used to be the town of colonial government officials before Kampala city became the Capital of Uganda. As a gateway to the rest of the Uganda, there are plenty of tourist attractions in the city. If you are in Entebbe and want to experience this beautiful city, here are some ideas;


  • Uganda Wildlife Education Center(UWEC) or Zoo
UWEC tigers
Female and male pair of tigers in their quarters at UWEC in Entebbe.

A true Entebbe experience must include a visit the Uganda Wildlife Education Center. The UWEC is home to at least 140 out of 1070 recorded bird species in Uganda. It is a perfect place to see the monogamous Egyptian Geese which breed at the center on the beach. At no other place in Uganda do guests have the opportunity to come in close proximity to the weird looking shoebill stork bird. While at UWEC, you get to also meet a pair of tigers, a male and female which were brought in from South Africa on a conservation exchange arrangement.
The site is also a good station for outing with children. The numerous animals and exhibits never fail to excite the young ones. UWEC is perfect for couples and families!
Entrance is $15 for non-Ugandans and UGX 10,000 for adult Ugandans and UGX 5000 for children.


  • Botanical Gardens

Entebbe Botanical Gardens

Located just a few miles from Entebbe Airport, the botanical gardens offer nature lovers access to a wide variety of flora and some fauna like Nile monitor lizards, three species of monkeys and hundreds of bird species. This 40.7 acre garden has more than 1000 plant species. Take a stroll through the botanical gardens. It has four zones; a rainforest zone and  three others
It is the same place the movie Tarzan was filmed in 1940.
The gardens are some of the principle bird watching sites in Uganda. With over 200 recorded bird species, the gardens are a great first stop for bird enthusiasts soon after arriving in Uganda or before leaving the country due to their close proximity to Entebbe International Airport. Ending the day at the Entebbe Botanical Gardens is a great way to top off a good day in Entebbe.
The Botanical gardens are open daily from 9:00 Am to 5:00 Pm, Monday to Sunday. There is an admission fee of Shs. 2000 for locals and Shs. 5000 for foreigners. The gardens are a great stop for those who love bird watching and flora.


  • Lake Victoria
Lake Victoria egret birds
Egret birds on the shore of Lake Victoria in Entebbe.

Boat cruises on Lake Victoria


  • Entebbe Golf Course

Entebbe has a pristine 18 hole golf course. The course was designed in 1901 and was the first golf course in East Africa. The course has views of Lake Victoria on one end.


  • Uganda Reptile village
Reptile Village
Nile Basin Safaris guide Rabison holding one of the tortioses and chameleons at the Reptile Village in Entebbe.

Come close to many of Uganda’s reptiles like the rare three horned chameleons, forest cobras, Egyptian cobras, African rock pythons, Jackson’s tree snakes, vipers, tortoises, monitor lizards, the Nile crocodile, etc.


  •  Mabamba Swamp

Shoebill stork Uganda

One of the best places to see the rare and weird looking shoebill stork.

The swamp is a designated Ramsar site and an Important Bird Area (IBA). The 100km2 swamp abounds in lung fish (locally known as mamba), the shoebill stork’s favorite item of diet. Mabamba wetland is located 18km west of Entebbe town.

Most of the birding in the swamp is done from wooden canoes or motorized boats. Over 300 bird species have been recorded in the swamp.

The fishermen of the area used to have strange superstitions about the shoebill stork.  It was regarded bad omen by them to find a shoebill before they set out to fish so they would kill the shoebill storks indiscriminately but when the site was finally recognized as a Ramsar site, the local fishermen stopped killing the shoebill for they had realized the economic benefits of the tourism in the area. Many of them even got trained as birding guides.

Though the shoebill is the main attraction of Mabamba Swamp, you can also find tens of other notable water birds and animals in the swamp. A visit here will definitely give you a fill of our feathery friends.


  • Ngamba Island Sanctuary

Ngamba Island is a 100 acre island 23km south of Entebbe town which is used as a rescue sanctuary for 50 orphaned chimpanzees which cannot be returned to the wild. The sanctuary was established in 1997 by the Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Wildlife Conservation Trust. Of the 100 acres, only 2 acres are used as a sanctuary, the rest were left forested. The sanctuary is one of the best on the world and it is regarded as model for many other sanctuaries around the world. You will have to cross Lake Victoria to get to the sanctuary. The island is 45 minutes away from the Entebbe mainland by boat. While at Ngamba Island you can view the chimpanzees on a raised platform, or go for a forest walk while holding hands with the young chimps or participate in the daily care giving of the chimpanzees. The activities that involve close encounters with chimps require you to be immunized against certain diseases before participation. The sanctuary offers half day and full day excursions.


  • Zika Forest


  • Bike Tours

For the active type, a bike or cycling tour is a nice way to experience Entebbe while getting some exercise. Entebbe is generally ideal for cycling due to its flat terrain. Operators like Roger’s Bike and Cycle Tours organize cycling tours through Entebbe city. They also rent out motor bikes for long distance safaris.


  • Equator


We hope the descriptions of these Entebbe gems has awoken your explore bug and convinced you that there is a lot to see in Entebbe. So, if you yet to visit Entebbe or you have already visited Entebbe before but are still looking to see something new, you can decide join us for an epic adventure in Entebbe. For more information about our safari tours send us an email via info@nilebasinsafaris.com

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