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Uganda National Anthem

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History of the Uganda National Anthem

The National Anthem of Uganda was chosen from a wide list of 50 submissions in august 1962 from a countrywide competition for a suitable anthem for the newly independent nation of Uganda. The selected anthem was submitted by George William Kakoma who was a music master in the education department of the Kabaka (king) of Buganda’s government.

The selection process was handled by a special committee chaired by Mr. W. Senteza Kajubi. This committee had been set up by the then prime minister of Uganda Dr. Apollo Milton Obote.

The first public performance of the Uganda National Anthem happened on 9th August 1962 in Kampala.

It was orchestrated by Mr. E. A. Moon, Director of Music of the Uganda Police and the words were written Mr. Kakoma in collaboration with Mr. P. Wingard, a member of the Makerere College English Language.

Mr. Kakoma was a Trinity College of Music and Durham University graduate.

The Uganda National Anthem is also known as “Oh Uganda, Land of Beauty” and was preceded by the “God Save the Queen” the anthem of United Kingdom and its territories.


Uganda National Anthem lyrics

Oh Uganda!

We lay our future in thy hand.

United Free; For Liberty

Together we’ll always stand.


Oh, Uganda! The land of freedom;

Our love and labour we give.

And with neighbours all

At our country’s call,

In peace and friendship we’ll live.


Oh, Uganda! the land that feeds us,

By sun and fertile soil grown.

For our own dear land

We’ll always stand,

The pearl of Africa’s Crown.

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